Friday, December 21, 2012

5 months old and growin' like a weed! =)

Well, today marks 5 months since our daughter entered the world.  It hardly seems like it's been that long in some ways, but in other ways it seems like a LONG time ago that it was Reuben and me. K is now about 16 lbs, and 26" long.  That's about the same size I was at her age.

It's been a while since I posted, so there's a bunch of pictures that I'd like to share.  I suppose you won't mind? :-)

K's latest recreational activity is blowing bubbles--LOTS of them--and splattering Mommy and Daddy.  She seems to think it's great fun.  When we're traveling in the car, we can usually tell if she's happy because there's that sputtering sound coming from the car seat. :-)

But K doesn't just blow bubbles.  Right now she is trying very hard to learn the fine art of rolling from her back to her stomach.  She's accomplished it twice, and ALMOST gotten it many, many times.  In her efforts to accomplish this feat, she ends up spinning herself in a circle on the floor, with her head remaining in basically the same place, because with each successive attempt, the rest of her body shifts a bit. 

The other evening she was on the floor between our two chairs, desperately trying to turn over again.  She would ALMOST make it, but just not quite.  She’d huff and puff, and roll back on her back.  Then she’d lay there, thumping her little foot against the floor a few times.  She was cheerful, but apparently annoyed that she couldn’t get it!  She was trying SO HARD, and had a most serious look on her face. Quite amusing. :-)  This morning, during one of her "workouts", I assisted her just a tad and she rolled over on her tummy.  She picked her head straight up, looked at me, and laughed.  "I told you I could do it, Mommy!" 

Although winter didn't start till today, according to the calendar, that didn't keep us from HAVING winter yesterday!

So, in consequence, Reuben was off work, and we had a lazy, at home day while the snow piled up and blew around outside.  We got between 8-9 inches and had gusts of wind which were, according to the weather man, up to 50 mph.  I believe him.  We live on the ridge, and we feel it when it blows!

Anyway, as I said, we had a lazy day.  K was up bright and early, though (babies don't know about sleeping in), so we brought her to bed with us.  She loved it. :-)

In the last week or so, K has graduated from her Bumbo seat to the rocker I used as a child.  I folded up a towel to use as padding, and stuck her in it.  She seems to enjoy it quite a lot!

And last but definitely not least is K's 5 month picture that I took today.  If you compare it with previous month pictures, you'll notice that she's in the same rocker but without the teddy bears.  That's because she doesn't need them. She sits reasonably well on her own, although she still has some "leaning issues". :-)  She also can stand just by us holding her hands.  Pretty strong little gal!  But anyway, here's the parting shot:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Evidence of a Mommy Brain

Step one: put about a cup or so of milk in a kettle to warm up (not for Baby, just for whatever purpose is at hand).

Step two: Get distracted by Baby crying or something... "Just for a minute"

Step three: Let your distraction truly distract you and keep you away from the stove for about 5 minutes.

Step four: Suddenly remember the kettle of milk and go rushing back to the stove.

Step five:  Look below

I wish I'd taken a picture of the VERY BLACK inside of the kettle.  It took some serious work to get it clean!!! 

The kitchen smelled for a LONG time that day, in spite of candles and open windows.  Ugh!

Moral of the story: never walk away from a kettle of milk, even for "just a minute"!!  :-)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Family picture

Here's our family picture that some friends snapped the other evening.  Nothing professional, but it's us, and we're so glad to be a family!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Four months

Four months ago today, a precious little girl was placed in our arms.  Every day she grows dearer to our hearts.  About the time I think she can't get any sweeter, she does! :-)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine!

Last week I had K in the bedroom with me while I was doing some stuff there.  But I got rather distracted because she was smiling and laughing, and I ran for the camera.  The shots aren't the greatest because I was trying to make her laugh at the same time as I was holding the camera. But you can still see her smile and about hear her laugh.

OK, Mommy, I've had enough.  Put that camera away! :-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Growin' Girl!

Here's a little picture update on K.  She continues to grow--although the recent growth spurt seems to have waned, judging by the amount of milk she consumes. :-)

Here is a picture of her at 2 months.  Note the height of her head/body in connection with the height of the arm rests on the rocker.

K at 3 months--Again, note the height of her head.  She's GROWN!

And here's a parting shot, capturing one of her many spontaneous smiles:

Our Adoption Journey--10/3/12

Oh, my…………

Is this what being a mommy does to you? Puts you out of touch with all your friends and supporters? Uh, oh. :-)  Seriously, we have been very busy this summer with trips, camping, VBS, etc. but I should have gotten a picture update out sooner.  Part of it is that we were (and still are) waiting on a legal update from our attorney, but I can’t keep waiting on that.

There’s not a whole lot new to say except that we love our little K more and more each day!  She is the sunshine of our lives.  In the last month she has started cooing, smiling, and (as of this afternoon) trying to sing with me when I’m rocking her.  Am I the only crazy mommy out there who still half cries over her sometimes because I’m just sooooooo thankful to God for the gift she is to us?

She has been an exceptionally easy baby.  A couple weeks ago she started sleeping through the night, roughly from 9-5:30.  I don’t need to say how wonderfully that has affected especially me during the day.  Amazing what a regular, unbroken night of sleep can do for a person! :-) 

K is not suffering from malnutrition or failure to thrive.  At birth she weighed 7 lbs 3 oz.  At her one-month checkup she weighed 9 lbs 11 oz.  At her two month checkup she weighed 12 lbs. 6 oz.!!!  God is so wonderful to strengthen parents’ arms one ounce at a time!  I think I would have groaned if she had weighed that much at first.  I know some babies do. Whew! :-)

Well, that’s all I can think of to share by way of words.  I let pictures tell the rest. :-)