Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Daddy made me a swing!"

Reuben has been wanting to put a swing up for K because she just LOVES to "sail" up into the blue sky. A couple weeks ago he selected a tree in our yard and made a swing for a very delighted little girl!

K's a total clown on it... extending her arms in a way that puts her in nearly a laying position... jerking herself back and forth to make the leaves on the tree rustle... she just loves it! Thankfully, due to the way the swing is made, it's very safe for her, in spite of her cavorting. And the higher we can push her, the better she likes it!

What'cha doin' up there, Daddy? Can I come up?

Please get that nice and tight, Daddy. I don't wanna fall!

Come on, Daddy! Hurry up!!!

OK, fine. If you're gonna be so poky slow, I'll just go in my obstacle course!

Mommy and me
Trial run!

Care-free little girl... Happy as a lark!