Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leaves, crafts, and popcorn

We try to keep life interesting around here... (Not too difficult with the rambunctious children God has given us ;-)). When the weather is nice, we are often outside playing in the yard, taking a walk, or climbing/running on the big round bales our neighbor has in the field (with permission).

With cooler weather coming on us now, we are doing more indoor things.... 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Fun (2016)

Fall is, without doubt, my favorite season of the year! Spring is wonderful, too, and summer and winter have their place. But fall...... There is just something about its tangy air and crisp beauty that draws me.

The following pictures capture some of our family's activities this fall.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Catch-up: Precious Moments 2015

Beginning  of 2015--

A month after receiving Sonny into our arms, we were finally cleared to travel home. How WONDERFUL that was!!!!  Here are some shots of fun moments as a family at home:

Spring 2015--

1--The children like to play the piano... probably because Mommy does. ;-) I've started both of them on it (well, held them while I played) as soon as we brought them home.
2--It was time for Sonny's monthly picture in the rocking chair, and Missy wanted to be in it. So there she was, cracking him up! :-)
3--Missy went to bed one afternoon with the socks on her FEET. When she woke up and came out to me, this is what she looked like. :-)
4--Not sure why he looks so glum on the picture, but here Sonny was enjoying being outside, watching Daddy work on the play set.
5--Testing out the new slide. (And yes, Daddy was the next one down, I think. ;-)).
6--Sitting so big! And chewing on EVERYTHING!
7--Just being happy.
8--Daddy love
9--Priceless smile.
10--In his hero's arms.

Summer 2015--

Keep checking back... I'll be adding the rest of the seasons (fall and winter) for 2015. :)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Catch-up: God gave us a son

Well--you all probably thought I would never re-surface on this blog again, didn't you?! Not that I blame you at all. Fact is, I myself thought it highly unlikely that I would post here again, but circumstances have motivated me to do so, and so here I am!

In August 2014, I shared that "it was all over" with the little boy we were going to adopt. Well, God always has the last word on circumstances, and we DID end up being blessed to add a son--the same baby boy--to our family months later. We will refer to him as "Sonny" on this blog.

Here he is, shortly after we brought him home:

Sonny's adoption hit some legal snags, and it took till his second birthday to complete it. But he is legally our son now, and we are THRILLED to have TWO children to call our own. We love them with all our hearts and don't even want to imagine life without them!!!

Pictures below are from Sonny's adoption finalization: