Monday, October 17, 2016

Catch-up: God gave us a son

Well--you all probably thought I would never re-surface on this blog again, didn't you?! Not that I blame you at all. Fact is, I myself thought it highly unlikely that I would post here again, but circumstances have motivated me to do so, and so here I am!

In August 2014, I shared that "it was all over" with the little boy we were going to adopt. Well, God always has the last word on circumstances, and we DID end up being blessed to add a son--the same baby boy--to our family months later. We will refer to him as "Sonny" on this blog.

Here he is, shortly after we brought him home:

Sonny's adoption hit some legal snags, and it took till his second birthday to complete it. But he is legally our son now, and we are THRILLED to have TWO children to call our own. We love them with all our hearts and don't even want to imagine life without them!!!

Pictures below are from Sonny's adoption finalization:

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