Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Catch-up: Precious Moments 2015

Beginning  of 2015--

A month after receiving Sonny into our arms, we were finally cleared to travel home. How WONDERFUL that was!!!!  Here are some shots of fun moments as a family at home:

Spring 2015--

1--The children like to play the piano... probably because Mommy does. ;-) I've started both of them on it (well, held them while I played) as soon as we brought them home.
2--It was time for Sonny's monthly picture in the rocking chair, and Missy wanted to be in it. So there she was, cracking him up! :-)
3--Missy went to bed one afternoon with the socks on her FEET. When she woke up and came out to me, this is what she looked like. :-)
4--Not sure why he looks so glum on the picture, but here Sonny was enjoying being outside, watching Daddy work on the play set.
5--Testing out the new slide. (And yes, Daddy was the next one down, I think. ;-)).
6--Sitting so big! And chewing on EVERYTHING!
7--Just being happy.
8--Daddy love
9--Priceless smile.
10--In his hero's arms.

Summer 2015--

Keep checking back... I'll be adding the rest of the seasons (fall and winter) for 2015. :)

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