Thursday, July 24, 2014

2 YEARS old!!!

That's right! Our darling, high-maintenance, flamboyantly joyful little girl has reached her second birthday. Time flies!!!  In some ways it seems like a long time since her birth... since we first held her tiny little body next to our hearts. But the idea of the next many years (till whenever she leaves home) flying as fast as the last two..... I don't like that one bit!  I want her to grow, to mature, etc. but I don't want her to leave!  As I often say, she's an awful lot of work (most always on the move, all day long), but she's even more joy.


Here she is...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Little bit of catch-up!

Well, it's pretty easy to see that regular life has crowded out blogging.  With summer here--trips, vacation Bible school, gardening, baby planning, etc.--posting pictures online has gotten bumped even lower on the priority list than before.

Baby planning? Yes! Long story short, 2 weeks ago we found out through a mutual friend of a little boy that's due to put in his appearance in a few weeks.  His mom has chosen us to be his parents!! Talk about AWESOME!!!!!!

Anyway, here's a few small pictures.  Hope you can see them properly. If they're too small, just click on them, and they should enlarge for you.

--The first 3 are of my side kick and me shelling peas.  She loves eating them, too. :-)
--The 4th picture is of our little family at the zoo. It was HOT, and we felt a little wilted.
--The 5th picture captures in part both K's eagerness to go "bye-bye" (accompanied by a twist and wave of her little hand), and her ever-blossoming independence.  She's such a big girl that is growing up so fast and yet still loves to be rocked and have lots of hugs and kisses.
--The 6th picture is of K's hair before being combed... when it looks, as her uncle terms it, "hairy scary!" :-)

Well, that's all for now.  Probably the next post will include pictures of our little man!