Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Little bit of catch-up!

Well, it's pretty easy to see that regular life has crowded out blogging.  With summer here--trips, vacation Bible school, gardening, baby planning, etc.--posting pictures online has gotten bumped even lower on the priority list than before.

Baby planning? Yes! Long story short, 2 weeks ago we found out through a mutual friend of a little boy that's due to put in his appearance in a few weeks.  His mom has chosen us to be his parents!! Talk about AWESOME!!!!!!

Anyway, here's a few small pictures.  Hope you can see them properly. If they're too small, just click on them, and they should enlarge for you.

--The first 3 are of my side kick and me shelling peas.  She loves eating them, too. :-)
--The 4th picture is of our little family at the zoo. It was HOT, and we felt a little wilted.
--The 5th picture captures in part both K's eagerness to go "bye-bye" (accompanied by a twist and wave of her little hand), and her ever-blossoming independence.  She's such a big girl that is growing up so fast and yet still loves to be rocked and have lots of hugs and kisses.
--The 6th picture is of K's hair before being combed... when it looks, as her uncle terms it, "hairy scary!" :-)

Well, that's all for now.  Probably the next post will include pictures of our little man!

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