Monday, February 25, 2013

Seven months old!

A few weeks ago, K sure made us laugh. Before she was born, Reuben's brother and family had given us a little Fisher Price song box which played tunes and bubbled and had lights. We used to use it sometimes to help her in to sleep. Well, one day last week I went to get her after a nap and the song box was playing. I smiled, thought it was funny, and went on my way. Well, the next day Reuben put her to for a nap and she rolled over after he left and pretty soon we heard the songs playing. He went into her room and there she was, turning the music on and off by hitting the big button. So, to aid her going to sleep, he shut off the power and left her room. Well very shortly she started fussing, so he peeked in. There she was, hitting the button and crying because it wasn’t turning on. :-)   Reuben called me over and we got a good laugh out of it. Then we took the box off her bed and she shortly went to sleep. Smart little tyke!

I'm a big girl now--I use a sippy!

I love my daddy!!!

"I helped Mommy in the kitchen for the first time this past Sunday.  Only mystery to me is that just as I decided to REALLY be helpful and reach for the peeler, she put me down on the floor.  She said something about me possibly hurting myself. Now why would she say a thing like that?"

"Mommy and I give each other lots and lots of hugs and kisses.  Mommy just LOVES it when I wrap my little arms around her neck or grab her face and give her an open-mouth kiss.  She says something about it melting her heart.  What does that mean?"

Seven month SWEETIE!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Adoption Journey Update--2/18/13 (from email)

Well, well.  Finally we have some positive news to give you all! 

As we mentioned in previous updates, we’ve been frustrated at the apparent lack of action on our attorney’s part.  It seemed like he wasn’t in any hurry.  Well, as it turns out, he HAS been doing stuff.  He’s been trying repeatedly to get in touch with the tribe as well as Bmom’s legal husband—not actually K’s birth father—(whose rights have to also be terminated), but was unsuccessful.  Long story short, we found out that we can go ahead with finalizing the adoption even if the tribe never responds.  WONDERFUL NEWS!!!  They have been silent so long, and we wondered if they'd ever respond.  So, as of our conversation last week with our attorney, if the tribe doesn't respond by March 15th,  he is going to move ahead with finalization.  Basically what that means is that he will get a court order saying that he does not have to notify the tribe or the other birth-father about the finalization hearing.  Then we will submit the paperwork to the state social worker, she’ll write the report, and then John (our attorney) will get a finalization court date.  Once that date happens, K will be legally ours, and all this waiting and wondering will be OVER! 

John said that if the tribe would have wanted K, they would have been on the phone the minute they heard about her (which was before she was born).  Also, in the highly unlikely event that they took us to court right now to get K, it would look really bad for them that they’d waited this long to take action. 

Bottom line: we are just sooooo excited that the end is in sight!  It could very well take several months yet for the above steps to take place, but by spring K should be legally our daughter.  It’s hard to put into words what that will mean to us.  I think it would be hard to understand unless you’ve walked this road with your own child.  Whatever the case, we are praising the Lord, and so very eager to be done with this whole business!

Praise the Lord!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

January pictures

This post is not focused on any specific event--it's just a smattering of pictures depicting our happy life. :-)

 We were blessed to have my brother Jonathan and his family here for a nice visit last month.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and sure hope they come back again soon!  Above, the children challenged me to a game of Memory.  Andre' (on left) was the champion.  He has quite the memory!!!

 Here K is all ready to go hang up wash with me in the basement.  I just put her in an extra washbasket with a blanket for padding, a few toys, and we were all ready to go! :-)

 Having some Daddy time.  Reuben and K are getting more of that lately since Reuben doesn't have as much work due to the cold weather.

Here K is opening wide for a bite of delicious peas.  She loves to eat, but burns it off with all her jumping, rolling, and other antics. 

For those of you who know me better, see if you can see something about me on this picture that is different from how I've been for the last 10 years.  If you compare me to other posts you might pick up on the difference fairly quickly.  Who will guess first? :-)