Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adoption Update (from email)

“…I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” (Philippians 4:11).

Hello, dear ones!

I apologize for the tardiness I have shown in not getting an update out for two months!  Some of you have said that even if I don’t have anything great to report, you still like to know what’s happening and, of course, to see pictures.  Too, we recognize that when we do not send updates, we also likely do not get as much prayer support, which is our fault and loss. 

On Sunday the above verse was shared in church, and it struck me with force.  I have applied it many times to many situations in my life, but never to the waiting and unknowns of K’s adoption finalization.  I don’t think that means that we should not earnestly pray for the finalization to happen, but I know that God wants us to be at rest and PATIENT while He works.  And that has more and more become my experience of late.  (Reuben has seldom felt or exhibited any anxiety over the matter; he’s so steady!).  What a sweet happiness and peace is ours when we are content in God’s will for our lives!!!

Nothing new is really happening at this point.  We are still waiting on the needed clearance, as well as for our attorney to get some documents together.  He told us last week that he’s seldom seen adoptions in CA finalize in less than a year. That would be July in our case.  :-(  That feels like a long wait in many ways.  For one thing, we have monthly visits from our state social worker (half of which we pay for), and we will need to update our homestudy in April if K’s adoption is not finalized by then.    And of course underneath it all is the longing to have the wait overwith, to know that she is truly ours, and have that chapter of our lives closed and be able to move on.

Thank you for praying for us, and please don’t stop.  We would ask that you specifically ask God to give all those involved in our case a sense of urgency to do their part in a timely manner.

God bless you! 

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