Thursday, April 25, 2013

A day in the life of a 9-month-old girl...

Well, I'm NINE MONTHS OLD now!  I'm getting pretty grown-up, don't you think?  I like to pull myself up on things, I've learned to crawl, I'm pushing my first tooth through, and I'm learning how to wave!  I tell you, I'm moving on with life!

So I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I do with myself these days...

Sometimes I play with my toys...

 ...but I really like to play with Mommy's containers.  She has one drawer that she lets me play in.  I try to get into her other cupboards and drawers, but she says that bad word that I don't like: "No, no." But on the whole, I have really good times with Mommy and sing to myself while she works.  She talks a lot to me, it seems.  She sometimes tells me that she was so lonely during the day before I came, but that she's not lonely anymore.  I keep her happy during the day, and then Daddy and I do it together in the evening.  

 Another thing I like to do is be with people.  Mommy calls me a social bug.  On the picture below, my uncle is "Han" is feeding me, and my cousin is watching.

And my absolute FAVORITE thing to do is SMILE!  

Well, that's all for this time.  Have a good day folks! 

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  1. Judi, she is such a happy girl! And I love that she makes you happy. God is so good!