Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adoption Journey Email Update--Feb. 25, 2014

Hi, All…

Ugh.  This is really terrible.  I’ve lost the email (that’s another story), but I think this is my first update since last November!!!  My reasons are reasonable (in my mind): a previously unheated office, a little girlie who hates having Mommy on the computer, and—the worst—having my offline email program (which is what mainly use for correspondence) crash—twice!  So not fun.  Which is why I don’t have a copy of even the November update.  So if I’m redundant or am not giving necessary information, pardon me! You’ll just have to ask questions (or else ignore repetitive info) as kindly as you can.  THERE. I explained myself. :-)

As it currently stands, the presumed birthfather’s rights have been terminated in court (praise God!) and we are waiting on the state social worker to file the final court report, after which we can get a finalization date.    Please pray that there are no more delays!!!

On a side note…  In the adoption world there is often talk about the tragedy of abortion… how awful it is… how sad.  I wholeheartedly agree!!! However, a friend recently sent the following link to me (http://thelewisnote.blogspot.com/2014/02/why-miscarriage-matters-if-youre-pro.html, and I thought I’d share it since the article rounds out the view on the sanctity of human life vs. abortion.  Certainly there is a vast difference between intentionally killing a child and losing one that was longed for, but sometimes miscarriage is too lightly brushed off.  The author’s words struck a deep chord with me, and I felt the writing was definitely worth passing on. (My only disagreement with the author is where she seems to imply that miscarriage is not God’s will, and we cannot expect to experience peace in it.  I believe that as Christians we CAN find peace in the midst of pain, and rest in the midst of a restless sea of questions, grief, and unknowns.)

I’ve attached a few pictures that I thought might interest you.  K is growing up so fast!!!  Her totally absolute favorite word is “Hi!”  All day long.  And if you don’t pay attention and return the greeting, she will resort to a longer form: “Mommy, hi.  Mommy, Mommy HI!”  :-)  I never get tired of it.  Of course she charms others with the word, too.  Cashiers, friends, and strangers alike.  (Someday we will have to teach her “stranger danger” :-)).  K continues to be a high-energy, high-maintenance child that leaves Mommy and Daddy no dull moments!  Most people outside our little family only see her in high gear, but she does have slower times, too.  One of her favorite activities is looking at photo albums.  She’s pretty good about it, too.  The only trouble is when she tries to retrieve the pictures from their resting places inside the pages…. “K, no!  Don’t rip the pages!”  She has also taken to “writing” on her tablet while sitting at church.  I THINK she’s getting a little better at being reverent. :-)

Till next time…


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  1. As someone going through an adoption, I totally relate to much of this. Hoping the rest of your journey goes smoothly.

    And thank you for reposting my blog. As for the part about God's will, I really go back and forth on that. Nancy Guthrie's book on Job does the best I've heard of accounting for God's will. Sometimes the Bible says He LETS things happen, and sometimes He MAKES things happen.

    As for me, I don't know which in my case. But neither do my friends and family, so I'd prefer them not to say it. To me, a God that wills my baby dead does not bring much comfort. But neither does a God that is caught by surprise. (Not that I think He is.) But I tend to believe that death is a result of sin, and is not a part of God's original plan. I will say that I do believe God can USE loss and death, just like He is right now with my blog.

    As far as peace, there have been many days that God has met me with peace throughout this journey. But there are just as many days that I'm so not at peace with it. It's a constant struggle. Every day, just trying to turn it over to God.

    Thanks again for reposting.