Thursday, September 12, 2013

Missy's birthday party!

Maybe I should start this post with an introduction since it's been so long since I've posted. :-(  I've intended to update this many times, but with the summer being so crazy busy and some unexpected events, posting has simply gotten bumped to the BOTTOM of the priority list.

But today I reform. :-)

Following are a few pictures from Missy's birthday party.

Missy's personal cake

 We invited Reuben's parents and the young couples from our church for Missy's party.  Here is one of the young married men with his son and our daughter.  Missy LOOOVES other children!!!

 Singing "Happy Birthday" to Missy.  Don't look so happy, little girlie! :-)

 To taste or not to taste: THAT is the question. :-)  

 A sweet little girl with a lot of sweet smeary stuff!  Missy was far more interested in squishing the icing than playing with or eating the cake.

Opening gifts

Missy with one of her new and favorite treasures: BOOKS.  She's definitely our daughter!


How can our little girl be a year old already?!  Where has the year gone? 

We knew it in theory before, but now we know it experientially: CHILDREN GROW UP SO FAST!

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