Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall is here!

...and so are some new pictures! :-)

Last month the young married couples from our church went camping for a weekend.  Well, actually, our little family only went for the fun and fellowship on Saturday.  But we had a great time in spite of the rain.  The following 5 pictures are from that day.

K with her little girlfriend--the only other one that weekend.

No rain coat? No problem.  Just put a grocery bag over your head and you're good to go!

Little sweetie pie--one of the 3 young lads at campout

Warm fellowship in a drippy world :-)

At the lookout

Several weeks ago Reuben took her out to the church swings and she had a grand time—until he took her off. :-) A couple weeks ago we went to the Rockbridge park and gave her a little swing time, which she loved. The higher the better! She giggled and hung on tight. She sure doesn’t take after me in her love of adventure! :-)

K really fits in the family—she loves books!!!

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  1. Today I thought of you and realized I hadn't looked at your blog lately. My computer died a few months ago, and while I had almost everything backed up, I did lose my bookmarks. So now you're bookmarked again. As usual, I enjoyed seeing more pictures of your sweetie pie and reading about your activities.